Welcome to the DKIM Reputation Project!

The DKIM Reputation Project's aim is to improve spam filtering based on DKIM signed emails. Therefore we provide the following free and open services:

We also propagate the spread of authenticated email with the Sender Authentication Initiative!

Message Face

As a practical application for email sender authentication we introduced a project called 'Message Faces' in the past for a better visual recognition of the people sending email to you. In our opinion such user-centric applications should favor the adaption of sender authentication. The project was terminated because of a lack of funding but may be revived in a new context.

DKIM Reputation query

Here you can check your own DKIM Reputation. All you need is to enter your email address or your domainname. In case that your email is signed by another domain, enter both.

Email: good@example.com Signingparty: example.com (best reputation)
Email: bad@example.com Signingparty: example.com (worst reputation)

Yes, I support the the spreading of email sender authentication to

  • increase the probability of the delivery of emails of my known and appreciated senders
  • increase trustability in email communication
  • less Spam in my Inbox

With the submission of this form I accept the Data Privacy Policy of dkim-reputation.org

DKIM Reputation database / DNS blocklist

In the DKIM Reputation database we collect identities of particularly spammers that are sending DKIM valid mails to spam traps we are processing. This data is provided as a DNS blacklist, which is accessible to anybody and can be used as one more spam filter criteria.

Our philosophy of processing and analyse our spamtraps is described on the mission page. But we support you also in how to use the DKIM Reputation Blacklist with ready built SpamAssassin plugins as well as with information on how to build your own client.

DKIM signature verification and monitoring

As we want to spread the DKIM standard we provide a free DKIM signature check: our service will check your DKIM signatures daily and will notify you, if your signature is invalid. Just register!

Furthermore we are developing a notification service, which will send you an email, when your maildomain is listed on our blacklist.

How can I help?

We are always looking for people that share our ideas and that want to improve our free services. The ways you can help us:

Just get in contact with us!

Professional DKIM Consulting

There is also professional support and consulting available. AGITOS Websolutions offers consulting and managed signing services.

You can also find other consulting companies around the world on dkim.org

The DKIM Reputation Project is licenced by Creative Commons Licence.