Anti-Spam: Technology For Your Server

4348132501_d4ed580f39_bOne of the problems that people these days are always troubled with is spam. Arriving in the amounts of thousands sometimes, spam is not only exasperating, but also time-consuming. It almost seems pointless for all companies who intend to promote themselves, since no one ever pays attention to spam. But it does not change the fact that you never want it clogging the drains of the plumbing in your server. Thus, it is necessary for server hosts to employ effective spam resistant technologies to ensure that the smooth functioning of their accounts.

Today, there are numerous spam filter packages of varying capacities and strengths, with each priced at their own range. As technology has evolved, so has the way of fighting spam. The traditional methods are now obsolete and archaic, and people have now turned to external anti-spam methods.

When looking to protect your dedicated server from spam, it is best to go for an anti-spam cluster. Unlike traditional anti-spam methods, an external anti-spam cluster is not a part of the email system and can thus function more effectively than them.


• An anti-spam cluster can filter many more messages than a traditional filter can. Their filtering capacities are advanced and lie in millions.
• All viruses, malware, and other threats detected are quickly implemented against, thus protecting the system.
• Anti-spam methods will protect your domain against malware, viruses, phishing software and other threats that might harm your system through the internet.
• Most anti-spam software are also updated and programmed to recognize new spam forms instantly and will thus save you from the hassle of having to update every time you hear news of new forms of spam going around.

Types of Spam Filters:

Depending on the strength and requirements, there are different types of spam filters for various servers. For example, general websites that have low to medium traffic and not much work except transfer of data might not require strong spam filters. An economy filter will be ample for them.

However, advanced filters may be needed for websites that see heavy traffic on a daily basis and require running on their interface large, memory consuming applications. These need RAM that is easily upgradable and expandable and storage that is enough for running apps without slowing down. Such spam filters may cost more than ordinary ones that only filter simple emails.

What to do when looking for spam filters?

When looking for efficient spam filters that will protect your PC from threats and viruses make sure that you first look at all features of the software. It is best if the anti-spam control has additional features like report generation, white labeling and queuing up emails. Although these features may not always be necessary, it does help to extra hands on deck.

Additionally, a beneficial tip for you will be to look for spam filters that offer per domain licensing instead of the usual per use licensing and cost, thus making hosting website less costly.