Spam Assassin For cPanel

People that use InMotion Hosting for their website have access to the free tool of Spam Assassin. Spam Assassin is used to block unwelcomed email from hitting your inbox; to use this feature you have to enable it using you cPanel, which is your control center for your website. Spam Assassin is different from other email filtering tools; this software catches the spam once it hits your server- meaning that it gets rid of the email before it hits your inbox.

Spam Assassin level of security is number one to ten, each level tells the software the level of spam security your dedicated server is working on. When you enable the software, it is automatically set on five. This point system uses hits to filter the spam. Spam Assassin finds characteristics in emails that are associated with spam and gives the email a point value between one and ten. This means if the email hits more points then you have set for the software then it will be sent to your spam folder.

The lower you have it set, the more messages that will be flagged as spam. So this means if you have it set on one, then if it just has one characteristic of spam email, it will get flagged. If you have it set on ten then if it has less than ten characteristics then it will end up in you inbox and not spam. This is why the default setting is five on the software. You should try out all the setting until you find one that works the best for you.

Enabling Spam Assassin is fast and easy to do. The first thing you want to do is log onto your cPanel. After you have logged in you want to look under Mail for Spam Assassin icon. Now you want to enable it by clicking on Enable Spam Assassin. Spam Assassin is now is enabled on your computer; after it is enabled you can go and set the settings on Spam Assassin. It also has a feature where you can blacklist emails that you don’t want to receive, in addition to a white list that will keep important emails out of your spam folder.

To make sure that Spam Assassin is working at its maxim capacity you also want to set up Filter/Message through your email provider as well. Setting up these filters will keep junk mail from entering your inbox. The emails that are spam will begin with ***SPAM*** which will be sent to your junk mail folder. This step will advance the way Spam Assassin works in your email.

Spam Assassin will keep you inbox from receiving any unwanted emails and keep your important ones from making it to your junk folder. Spam Assassin can work on multiple email accounts as long as they are connected to your cPanel. Now that you can keep unwanted emails out of your inbox, you can do more important things on your site.