Spam no longer a problem with DKIM

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A common complaint among email users is that their mail box or inbox often gets jam packed with spam mails. This makes the inbox unnecessarily cluttered. Even deleting thousands of spam mails is time consuming and often a complete waste of time. Most spam mails are promotional mails that companies send with the intention of catching the eyes of the reader so as to advertise about themselves, their products or services. But how many of us actually read these spam mails? In most cases, spam gets deleted unopened and unread. So it is a complete waste of effort from the advertisers end as well. It is important that the server hosts employ effective spam filtering measures to prevent the clogging of inboxes with spam and other unwanted and useless mails.

Spam filter packages are easily available. The packages offered vary in strength and capacity and also differ in their pricing. The demand today is for Anti-Spam: technology for your server. With the evolving technology, people are no longer satisfied with just any anti-spam mechanism. They have smartly switched over to the use of external anti spam clusters that works much better than the traditional anti-spam methods employed earlier. Depending upon the website traffic, one can choose the type of spam filter for installation.

DKIM Reputation is a leading online spam and security website that provides users with 100 percent assurance when it comes to spam filtration. All one has to do is to install the DKIM Reputation set up in their mailing system. DKIM aims at creating a method for ensuring that people receive only genuine mails while bordering out spammers. DKIM is an online spam and security website that detects the origin of the email. This ensures the legitimacy of the received mail and gives the assurance for only genuine emails received by the user. Most emails are authenticated using the domain key and the sender ID. Having the DKIM security in your system guarantees,

  • Detection of false mails
  • Elimination of spam
  • Deletion of spoofing and phishing

DKIM is an email validation system designed to detect spam. It makes use of a public or private encrypted key approach to provide authentication to domains that send emails. The mechanism is like building the reputation of an email that decides whether the mail contains useful content or is a spam. It is a system used by leading names like Yahoo, Gmail, Fastmail and AOL. The reputation data is sent by DKIM to the spam filter clusters.

Many may wonder whether the anti-spam clusters are effective or not. Some key advantages of Anti-Spam: technology for your server include,

  1. Anti spam filters have higher filtering capacity and can filter more mails at a go.
  2. Greater protection of systems is possible as all virus, threats and malware are detected and curbed quickly.
  3. Domain protection against malware helps prevent harm to the system via the internet.
  4. Filters are updated and programmed to detect newer spam.