Website and Internet Security: Need of the Hour

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With the growing popularity and usability of the Internet technology, it is a common thing these days that we discuss the issues like internet safety or internet security. Now days, we do everything, social interaction, shopping, official projects and various financial transactions on internet. Therefore, concern for the internet security has increased. The article is written to put some light on the importance of online spam and security website and how to take appropriate steps to stay safe in the ever-developing digital world.

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There are hackers, identity thieves, spammers and even cyber-terrorists on internet who are keeping their prying eyes to search easy victims. With the increase in technology, these bad people have become more advanced and their ways of attacks are becoming more sophisticated and dangerous. Every day, we came across news related to internet attacks, new viruses and Trojans and how they caused heavy losses to the victims. The recent DDoS attack was considered as the biggest internet attack of all times and shown the world that how an attack can impact on entire World Wide Web. All this has made us to think for best internet safety methods to protect our identities, personal data and passwords from various risks. In order to ensure safety on internet, it is very important to understand some of the common truths about online spam and security prevailing on Web.

Common Internet Threats

  1. Phishing and Spam Emails

Phishing emails are created to acquire sensitive information such as identity fraudulently. The authors or creators make these emails in such a way that these pretend to mails from paypal, banks, Facebook etc. Through these mails, they ask you to provide your personal and financial data and direct you to malicious links or websites. At time, your information can be sold to advertising companies. This annoys you as the companies will bombard you with phone calls and emails. Sometimes, you may be a victim of financial fraud through Phishing and spam mails.

  1. Unauthorized Network Access or Hacking

Hacking or unauthorized access is counted as the major threats as far as online safety is concerned. Hacking is a technical activity in which efforts are made to intervene into the network connections of other people. A person who performs these activities is called a hacker. Once, if a hacker intervenes into your network, he can develop a complete control over your computer, saved data and online activities. In this way, he can easily misuse your information or data for objectionable or illegal purposes.


  1. Pornography and Sexual Abuse

These days, WWW is flooded with illegal pornographic content. It has become a serious concern for those who frequently post their images and videos on internet. Your private photographs or videos can be misused, edited or posted on porn websites by bad techies that are skill set to hack any online social account.


Cyberterrorism is a term used to denote the use of internet for terrorist attacks. Being biggest tool of communication, internet is extensively used by various terrorist groups. The terrorists can hack your online identification and can use it for their own communication and to access government websites. Apart from these, internet extortions and such other activities are also prevailing on internet.

Ensure Online Security

Online or Internet security is a broad term that covers various methods and tools that safeguards a computer or device from online threats. Anti-virus software, anti-spyware applications and a VPN are some of tools that form a part of online security. However, each of these products provides protection against a particular threat; you will be safer if you add a VPN security with the antivirus or antimalware on your system. VPN exhibits encryption technology that encrypts all your traffic safeguarding it from threats like identity theft. Moreover, VPNs such as Hotspot Shield VPN provides an advanced cloud malware protection against malware and phishing threads. It also makes you anonymous on internet by replacing your real IP address with the different one. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use an updated Anti-Virus along with a reliable VPN. Internet security has become a crucial issue that it needs to be dealt with appropriate method and tool. So, make sure that one of the security tools such as VPN is installed on your computer before you connect to internet next time. Take your own time to get the best online security tool and browse internet with complete peace of mind.