Welcome to DKIM Reputation!

The DKIM Reputation Project’s aim is to improve spam filtering based on DKIM signed emails. Therefore we provide the following free and open services:

  • DKIM Reputation database, provided as a DNS reputation list
  • DKIM signature verification and monitoring
  • DKIM Reputation query
  • We also propagate the spread of authenticated email with the Sender Authentication Initiative!


    Message Face

    As a practical application for email sender authentication we introduced a project called ‘Message Faces’ in the past for a better visual recognition of the people sending email to you. In our opinion such user-centric applications should favor the adaption of sender authentication. The project was terminated because of a lack of funding but may be revived in a new context.

    How can I help?

    We are always looking for people that share our ideas and that want to improve our free services. The ways you can help us:

  • Setup DKIM in your mailing system with 1st party signatures, that’s the most important support to the community
  • As we provide the dkim reputation project for free you can support the project by a donation
  • We appreciate your feedback on how we can improve our reputation data if you recognize some problems
  • Mirror our reputation database on your nameservers
  • Just get in contact with us!